Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CAS ideas

Making Books for the orphanage – Rather than buying books to take across to Bintan perhaps we could make some. (Creativity +Service)Think about books for the younger children, you could take photos and make a picture book on your computer. If you print it out I will pay for the binding from the CAS budget. Suggested themes: Animals (pictures/photos and names), The alphabet, Numbers , Sports. If you made two copies we could also send some to the children at the Blue Dragon center in Hanoi.

Making Bears – A few years ago a group of my CAS students got creative making teddy bears which we send to an orphanage in Vietnam. (Creativity and service) Perhaps you could get a group together and make some soft toys to send either to the Bintan Orphanage or the Children at the Blue Dragon center in Hanoi. I am sure people would be willing to donate scrap clothing and fabrics for the bears and if a group of you get together on this and make this into your project I will pay for the stuffing from the CAS budget. You can get as creative as you wish and make educational bears such as ones with zips and buttons which teach children fine motor skills.

March 21st (Sat) – we have been invited to get involved in ‘walk for down syndrome’ which is an all day sponsored walk. Details will be on your classroom notice board before the end of the week. I hope as many of you as possible can join in.

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